Why Anadyr

Why choose Anadyr Adventures for your Alaska sea kayaking adventure?

Anadyr Adventures has 28 years of experience leading quality sea-kayaking and hiking trips in Prince William Sound.

An ice cave on an iceberg

We carefully select only the safest, reliable and knowledgeable guides to lead you. Our guides are top professionals, who not only teach their skill, but offer interpretive discussions of the local history, geology, flora, and fauna. Whenever possible we make a point to employ locally in order to benefit the local community and its economy directly, thereby providing further incentive for local support and preservation of natural areas and wildlife habitat.

Because we are locally owned, we have more in-depth knowledge to share with you. The majority of our guides are Alaskans as well. Their knowledge of the Alaska wilderness, not to mention our native fauna & flora, was gained from years of first-hand experience in the backcountry, and not read from a book a few months prior to your tour. Your guide will not simply be another guest on the trip with you, but will have valuable insight to offer and practical knowledge to share on the areas you’ll be paddling through. We strive to make sure our guides are equally well versed in the natural history & geology of the area and often employ university professors and museum curators to assist with our training.


Prince Williams Sound is rich marine ecology and wildlife

Finally, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service. We maintain small group sizes allowing us to ensure the highest quality of tours. We make every effort to coordinate our groups so the interests of our individual clients and guide complement one another. Please don’t hesitate to use “our client feedback” page to ask questions from our former guests.

Shoup Glacier

Shoup Glacier


Anadyr staff in Belize