Ode to the Fall

Fall is in the air in Valdez, Alaska. Devil club leaves are turning burnt orange, the mornings are crisp, and the blueberries are everywhere. Though the commercial fishing boats are trudging into the harbor, there is still a plethura of salmon in all of the streams. A new guide favorite seems to be pulling into these salmon streams, getting out of the kayaks, and seeing who can catch the slippery salmon in their hands. Our winner this past week was an eight year old boy who caught two! It also seems that with less commercial fishing boats in Valdez Port and Valdez Narrows, the whale sightings are a more common occurance again (like they were in the Spring). Yesterday the boat coming back from the Columbia Glacier trip saw a pod of Orcas hunting Doll Porpoise. Though not witnessed, a frothy pool of blood seemed to indicate a successful kill for the Orcas.   With the seasons change comes these new sights, adventures, and appreciations. Cheers to the stars that are once again appearing in the sky, the guides who are putting a new season of guiding knowledge under their belts, and the brand new T-shirts that we just received a shipment of.



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