A passion for Alaska camping, glacier and wildlife day tours and the Prince William Sound wilderness defines Anadyr Adventures, the original and still the best seakayaking company in Valdez, Alaska.


     Choose from a variety of day excursions,  multidaywilderness camping trips, lodge based trips in an Alaskan ghost town and mothership based tours.  Work with us to design a trip customized to your interests.


     Anadyr Adventures operates under special  use permits  from Chugach National Forest and the Alaska Division of Parks.  We are proud to work with Valdez City Schools and Advocates for Victims of Violence to introduce kids to paddling. 


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    Photo galleries of our many offered trips.

    Rate and Trip Schedule 2017

    home_anadyr_adventurestrip_special_icon_100Check our Alaska sea kayaking trips and rates for 2017.  

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    To see a full listing of our award winning day trips.

    Denver Post writer accompanies an Anadyr 5 Day trip.

    National Geographic Adventure

    national_geoNational Geo Adventures and Cosmopolitan Magazine have featured our Alaska Sea Kayaking trips. National Geographic Adventures in the December 2002/January 2003 issue named Anadyr Adventures Meares/Columbia Glacier 7 Day trip in their "Best of Adventures".

    4 ways to discover PWS

    home_icecave_entrancehome_4waysAnadyr Adventures offers four types of trips: day trips for those with limited time in Valdez, multi-day camping trips, Mothership trips for those desiring the amenities of a support vessel, and lodge based trips offering Prince William Sound day excursions from the comfort of a remote Alaskan wilderness lodge.

    Growlers with Pioneer Press


    Keith Goetzman of Pioneer Press writes about life amongst Columbia Glacier's "Growlers". Read about what professional travel consultants are experiencing with Anadyr Adventures or just see what our clients are saying about our Alaska sea kayaking, hiking, and camping trips.


    PWS Shuttles

    home_kayaking_columbia_glacier Anadyr can provide boat shuttles in Prince William Sound.

    Valdez, Alaska

    humback-whale-feeding_300Need accomodations in Valdez, Alaska or helpful travel links.

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