Camping Packing List (Guide Assisted)


Be prepared for both intense periods of sunshine and for cold rainy days. Prince William Sound has a warm and wet coastal climate, typical of temperate rain forests. Temperatures range between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but abnormally cold spells can happen when night time temperatures drop to the below 40s. You should come prepared for wet or dry weather. Sea kayaking fortunately is a sport that can easily be pursued while raining provided you are adequately dressed, seas tend to be calmer and wildlife is more easily approached.

We recommend you bring: minimum of 2 sets of warm clothes

First Set:

  • Pants/Long Johns: preferably wool or pile or polypropolene – they are excellent sources of warmth even when wet. I recommend pile clothing because it dries very quickly and retains its warmth when wet.
  • Upper body: 3 layers of wool/polypropolene /or pile, (ie, long john top, shirt, jacket) and a windbreaker.
  • Feet: Warm socks(wool) and a pair of old tennis shoes, or neoprene booties, neoprene socks with tennis shoes. I personally prefer polypropelyn and wool blend socks with standard high top rubber boots (called break-up boots in Alaska) for getting in and out of the boat, for hiking and tide pooling. I strongly recommend that you bring your own boots, so as to assure proper fit. However we do have a supply of boots available for you to use. Please let me know the sizes you need in ample time so that we can have them available.
  • Hands: “Pogies”or Neoprene gloves are good. Pile or wool gloves are also very good with rubberized dish washing gloves to put over them on rainy days.
  • Head: A ski cap and baseball cap.
  • Rain Gear: Good rain gear is essential for protection from both rain and wind. It should fit well and be sturdy

if you have a dry suit, paddling pants, jacket and booties then bring them along.

Additional Set:

This can be additional warm clothes in case you get too cold or wet & should include: a wool sweater, wool or pile slacks (or light weight wind pants), long sleeve shirts (to prevent sunburns), a sun outfit, slacks, wool gloves and/or mittens,wool or pile hat, and your personal toilet items.

Also bring:

  • sun gear
  • sun hat (baseball cap)
  • t-shirt
  • shorts
  • thin loose long sleeve shirt
  • sun screen; 15-25 rating
  • small day pack; to take items ashore
  • water bottle
  • thin loose pants
  • sun glasses
  • camp shoes (eg. tennis shoes)
  • insect repellent and/or mosquito head-net
  • Croakies for sun glasses or glasses
  • pen, paper and books

Optional Items:

  • camera, film and replacement batteries
  • books
  • binoculars (perferably armored)
  • fishing license: can be purchased anywhere in Alaska. Out of state license cost $25

Camping Gear:

  • stove & fuel
  • frying pan
  • spatula
  • eating utensils
  • cook-kit
  • dish soap & scrubber

Also bring:

  • waterproof flashlight or head gear
  • watch
  • water bottle
  • garbage bags
  • packet knife
  • extra flashlight batteries
  • zip lock bags
  • plastic reusable bags (for extra water protection)

Optional items:

  • notebook and pencil
  • whistle
  • candles
  • umbrella
  • fishing gear
  • fire starter
  • cup ( 3 or 4 cup size)
  • favorite munchies or gorp
  • Swiss army knife
  • thermos
  • lighter or waterproof matches

Suggested reading on the area:

Jim and Nancy Lethcoe, A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound, Vol. I Western Part $29.95; Vol. II Eastern Part $21.95.

Jim and Nancy Lethcoe, A History of Prince William Sound, Alaska. 170 pp. $14.95.

Jim and Nancy Lethcoe, Valdez Gold Rush Trails. 144 pp. $14.95. Jim Lethcoe, An Observer’s Guide to the Geology of Prince William Sound, Alaska. $17.95. 224 pp.

Nancy Lethcoe, An Observer’s Guide to the Glaciers of Prince William Sound, Alaska. 150 pp. $15.95.

Craig Matkin, An Observer’s Guide to the Killer Whales of Prince William Sound, Alaska. 103 pp. $12.95.

Available from Prince William Sound Books, P.O. Box 1313, Valdez, AK 99686. Phone: 907-835-5175.