Suggested Reading


Jim and Nancy Lethcoe, A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound. New combined edition (Vols. I and II) of A Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound. (196 pp. 104 photos, 176 sketches) spiral binder, (1998), $39.95.

The new combined edition of A Cruising to Prince William Sound updates much of the information that originally appeared in Volumes I and II including general cruising conditions for Prince William Sound: seasons, weather, wind, waves and currents, and safe boating in a northern wilderness. Descriptions of 15 new anchorages have been added to the original 244. Revisions to descriptions of some anchorages have been made; materials on small boat camping and kayaking have been added as well as updates to land ownership and state parks in the Sound.



Jim and Nancy Lethcoe, A History of Prince William Sound, Alaska.170 pp. $14.95.

A survey of the history of Prince William Sound from prehistoric times to the post oil spill era. The central role of Prince William Sound in Alaska’s history from its early days as the fur trading, fishing, mining, transportation and political center of southcentral Alaska to its present position as a major tourist destination, transportation corridor and fishing area.



Jim Lethcoe, An Observer’s Guide to the Geology of Prince William Sound, Alaska. $17.95. 224 pp.

This work is designed to help the non-geologist to understand the geological mechanisms which formed the Sound and southcentral Alaska and to help identify common rock types. Basic geological concepts, an introduction to plate tectonics and terrane theory are covered. The field guide section describes 124 sites in the Sound where one can observe typical rocks and formations with special emphasis on the Sound’s mines and mining history.


Jim and Nancy Lethcoe, Valdez Gold Rush Trails. 144 pp. $14.95.

The story of the1898 gold rush over the Valdez Glacier trail to the purported gold fields of the Copper River area. The story of the founding of Valdez. The search for an unglaciated “All-American” route to the interior gold fields and the beginnings of the military trail that would become the Richardson highway.



Nancy Lethcoe, An Observer’s Guide to the Glaciers of Prince William Sound, Alaska. 150 pp. $15.95.

This guide introduces the layman to basic glacier types, movement, features and landscapes. A history of the Sound’s glaciation from the Pleistocene to the present reveals the forces that continue to shape the Sound. The field guide section presents detailed descriptions of 48 of the Sound’s most important glaciers. Special attention is focused on the discovery and exploration, advances and retreats of each glacier.