Packing List Mothership and Lodge Trips


Be prepared for both intense periods of sunshine and for cold rainy days. Prince William Sound has a warm and wet coastal climate, typical of temperate rain forests. Temperatures range between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but abnormally cold spells can happen when night time temperatures drop into the 30s. You should come prepared for wet or dry weather. Sea kayaking fortunately is a sport that can easily be enjoyed while raining provided you are adequately dressed, seas tend to be calmer and wildlife is more often seen.

We recommend you bring:

Face covering For the health and safety of our guests, team and community please  bring a cloth face covering. If you don’t have one we have them for sale starting at $9 each.  They are locally designed and/or made.

Rain gear Waterproof jacket and pants. We can provide basic rain gear but our sanitizing process for rain gear is especially labor intensive and hard on these items. It’s also chlorine-based which is sadly, not environmentally friendly. Please help us avoid having to sanitize rain gear by brining your own.  You’ll find that quality (Goretex, Dryvent, Outdry) rain gear will prove useful beyond your kayaking day and well worth the investment.

Rubber boots High top/shin height, often referred to as the Alaskan sneaker (or wellies by our friends across the pond). If you don’t have them we can provide a pair.

Shoes A comfortable pair of shoes to be worn around camp.

Base layers/long underwear This layer wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm and dry.  Pack both a top and bottom layer.

Fleece jacket or mid/heavy weight insulation layer.

Fleece/synthetic pants NO JEANS

Socks of wool, synthetic or neoprene material.

Gloves  Wool, synthetic or neoprene material. Neoprene is especially good in rainy conditions. We can provide “pogies”, neoprene mittens that attach to the paddle.

Beanie/winter hat especially important for our glacier trips.

Baseball cap/sun hat Keeps the sun our of your eyes but also great in the rain to hold your hood off your face.

Second set A full second set of clothing and extras depending on trip length.

Re-usable water bottle Please don’t purchase single-use bottles. We have great water from the tap and it’s free!

Hand sanitizer and personal toiletry items including medications

Sun glasses

Sun screen

Insect repellent and mosquito head net

Book or deck of cards

We provide dry bags to pack your gear and have plenty of them so please bring extra layers. We cannot stress enough that cotton, which includes blue jeans, is inappropriate for paddling. It holds water and will keep you cold.

If you have a dry suit, paddling pants, jacket and booties- bring them along.

Optional Items:

  • Dry suit
  • Swimming suit
  • Binoculars (preferably armored)
  • Fishing license: can be purchased anywhere in Alaska. Out of state license cost $25