Day Trips

Anadyr Adventures offers exciting Alaska day tours out of Valdez, Alaska for all ages and skill levels.

Sea kayaking is the premier Alaska Day Tour. Join Anadyr Adventures naturalist guides as they expertly lead you by kayak in the shadow of towering mountains, pristine fjords, majestic waterfalls, imposing icebergs and active glaciers. No experience is necessary. We paddle and hike an average of 6 hours with frequent stops for wildlife watching, photography, lunch and onshore activities.


We are a company that prides ourselves on the experience, on what we see rather than how many miles we paddle.  Our maximum guide to client ratio is 1:8.  Trip dates are from May 15th to September 20th except where noted below. Our Summer 2020 season will end on September 13th.




Valdez Glacier Lake (5-6 hours)

Explore the beautiful Valdez Glacier Lake by inflatable kayak.  Marvel at icebergs and glacial formations as you glide along the lake’s surface.  Take a break along the shore to enjoy the scenery, meander along a glacial stream or scramble to a viewpoint. During the Gold Rush of 1898, Valdez Glacier was used extensively as the All American Route to the gold fields of interior Alaska.  Learn about the prospectors who weathered the hardships of early glacial travel as they searched for their fortune in the untamed wilderness. Our only freshwater destination.  This time and budget friendly adventure is an excellent choice for those who want to see a glacier and ice formations from the ease of an inflatable kayak.  An especially good option for families with children and large groups.

  • Prep 1 hour, Kayak 2.5 hrs, Hike/Relax 1.5 hrs, Van 0.5 hr
  • $169 per guest
  • Departures daily June 1st-Sep 20th. Please inquire with us about dates prior to June 1st.
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Columbia Glacier Iceberg

Columbia Iceberg (10 hours)

Nestled in a wilderness area over twice the size of Yosemite National Park are Columbia and Heather Bays, a zone of extreme contrast.  Explore land recently unveiled after centuries under ice adjacent to undisturbed forests where salmon seasonally run streams under moss covered branches.  Paddle the terminal moraine in search of icebergs grounded in the shallows.  Hike to a viewpoint overlooking Columbia Bay or through spongy muskeg meadows towards a lake in Heather Bay.  Forage for berries or carnivorous sundew plants.  Listen to loons calling and sea otters crunching mussels.  We pioneered this trip over 30 years ago and it’s still a guide and guest favorite.


Columbia Glacier Face_Kayaking_Harbor Seals

Columbia Glacier Face (10 hours)

The best glacier kayaking experience in Alaska.  Unreachable through most of its drastic retreat, the face of Columbia Glacier is now attainable.  Columbia is among the most active glaciers on the planet and is set deep in a newly unveiled fjord. The ever changing ice floe dictates our route each day but our goal every day is the same; to get you to the continent’s 2nd largest calving face.  Weave your kayak through icebergs, spy harbor seals hauled atop, and witness calving events that only a glacier of this size can create.  Our naturalist guides relate the story of Columbia’s formation, retreat and role in our changing world.  A truly unforgettable experience.

Note: In the event that the boat operator determines it unsafe or impossible to access the Columbia fore-bay area, we default to our Iceberg tour and refund the rate difference.


Shoup Glacier (8 hours)

An ideal destination for both kayaking and hiking, Shoup Glacier sits right at tidewater. Paddle past a Kittiwake rookery and beneath cascading waterfalls to the glacier’s toe. Hike along the glacier’s edge peering into ice formations created by meltwater streams. Learn about the evolution of glacial landscapes as you voyage from Shoup Bay’s mouth to the glacier’s face. A great choice for getting up-close to the face of a glacier.


Glacier Island_Sea Kayaking_Wildlife

Glacier Island (10 hours)

The trip for wildlife enthusiasts.  Horned and Tufted Puffins nest, in-season, along Glacier Island’s cliff faces and Stellar Sea Lions haul-out along its shores.  The surrounding water is a favorite area for Humpback Whales and Orca.  Paddle the island’s dramatic shoreline, tucking into sea caves where starfish hide at low tide. Beach comb in the steps of  Sitka Deer, gaze into tidal pools sheltering colorful anemones.  Learn about Glacier Island’s volcanic origins and of the many species that call it home.

Note: Due to the semi-exposed nature of this trip it is weather dependent with a Columbia Iceberg day trip as an alternative option.


Port Valdez_Sea Kayaking_Wildlife

Port Paddle (3-4 hour)

A shoreline paddle of Port Valdez that leaves from the kayak slips in the small boat harbor.  Naturalist guides relate the unique history of our little town between the mountains and the sea, from Gold Rush beginnings to near end during the ‘64 earthquake.  Keep an eye out for sea otters, seals, sea lions and marine birds. A great trip for those who wish to experience the beauty of Valdez from the water while learning the fundamentals of sea kayaking.

  • Prep 1 hour, Kayak 2 hours
  • $89 per guest, Children 13 and under 10% discount
  • May be available prior to May 15th on a nonreservation basis
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Gold Creek Waterfall

Gold Creek (6 hours)

A shoreline paddle of Port Valdez to Gold Creek, a favorite recreational destination for local kayakers. Hiking, beach combing, berry picking and fishing are all possible additional activities for this day trip. Great opportunities for observing wildlife. This is our most strenuous day trip so best for the adventurous spirit or moderately experienced paddler.

  • Prep 1 hour, Kayak 4 hrs, Hike/Relax 1 hr
  • $129 per guest
  • May be available prior to May 15th on a nonreservation basis
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Sawmill Bay_Kayaking_Hiking

Sawmill Bay (8 hours)

Surrounded by towering mountains, waterfalls and salmon streams, Sawmill Bay is well protected from wind and sea and is the ideal spot for the novice kayaker’s first day on the water. Kayaking, hiking, berry picking, salmon fishing and wildlife watching are just some of the activities possible in this uniquely beautiful bay. Examine the complex salmon based ecosystem of coastal Alaska. During the spawning season (mid June-September), we paddle up stream with thousands of salmon as they return to their natal streams to reproduce and expire. Black bears and bald eagles frequent the shorelines to feast on nature’s bounty, as do a variety of birds and sea mammals.  This trip was pioneered by Anadyr Adventures.



Customized Tours

Get together with a group of friends or family for a sea kayaking and hiking adventure. Enjoy paddling together while we take care of the details! Contact us well in advance of your departure date and we will happy to work with you to develop a customized day tour itinerary suited to your interests.