Guide Bios


Ilene Price

Favorite place in the world: Eastern Prince William Sound (specifically, Valdez Glacier, Glacier Island, and Columbia and Heather Bays)

Favorite things to photograph: Icebergs (specifically coming off of Columbia Glacier). I’m also a self-proclaimed professional jump-shot photographer. I will enthusiastically satisfy your jump-shot photo needs.

Favorite bird sound: The Loon, Black Oystercatcher and Bald Eagle

Favorite sitcom: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

My roots: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (“In West Philadelphia born and raised. . . .”)

Where else have I sea kayak guided: Guna Yala, Panama and Patagonia, Chile

Favorite place to sea kayak guide: Eastern Prince William Sound, naturally

Where did I receive my guide’s certification: British Columbia, Canada. I’m a certified sea kayak guide through the Sea Kayak Guide’s Alliance of British Columbia, and attended a two-year Adventure Guide Diploma Program through Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C. Awesome program!

Most impressive bird: The Arctic Tern (a true sun-worshipper, it makes the longest migration of any animal in the world)

One of my favorite sea kayak trips: A three-week expedition along the coast of Haida Gwaii (off the coast of B.C., Canada), which is the home of the Haida, one of Canada’s First Nation groups.

Number of seasons guiding for Anadyr Adventures: This is my fifth

Favorite food: Popcorn

Why I love sea kayaking: With everything I need packed into a boat for an expedition, I can silently propel myself through the water, observing the incredible beauty and complexity of my surroundings. It’s my passion to share that with as many people as I can (this includes you)!

Favorite flavors: Ginger, garlic and Vermont maple syrup

Hobbies: Eating popcorn, writing letters to my grandmothers, and avoiding living anywhere for longer than 6 months

Other cool jobs I’ve had: Event staff at the Marlboro Music Festival (a summer-long chamber music festival Vermont), Housecleaner at a remote work camp in Sechelt, B.C., Canada, Office manger/dishwasher/baker at Deadhorse Camp in Deadhorse, Alaska, apple-packer/cider-maker/apple-deliverer at The Scott Farm Apple Orchard in Vermont, and Mac-O-Back Mama at Farm & Wilderness summer camps in Vermont (you’ll have to come on a trip with me this summer to find out what a Mac-O-Back Mama does).




Having lived on the sandy gulf beaches of Florida and up in the mountains of western North Carolina, I went on a quest to find the perfect combination of land and sea and Valdez definitely fits the bill.

I spent the last six months exploring and paddling in Chilean Patagonia. It was there where my passion for paddling and exploring the natural world grew to a point where I could do nothing to subdue my desire for more adventures and so I drove northwest to the most beautiful place I could imagine.

I am ecstatic to get to show you the breathtaking coastline of Prince William Sound and take you closer to things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience in quite the same way without a kayak.

Many of us, as humans, have lost our depth of connection to the natural world all around us and I hope that on your trip with us, you can rekindle this instinctual connection and feel a bit more at peace and also more aware of this planet we call home.

Rhane Pfeiffer


I was never very good at basketball. In fact I am terrible at it. I did once score a layup in a game, but it was after the whistle by so long that no one was defending, or even paying attention to me. In fact I am not sure if anyone even noticed the shot or the awkard and embarassing victory dance afterwords, thank goodness. Instead of basketball, or baseball I spent my time outdoors, going on my first paddling trip at only one year old and then spending a few weeks every summer exploring the inland passageways of B.C. I found an engaging evironment full of slimy things to poke with sticks and little creatures to examine. One year I caught my first salmon on a Mickey Mouse fishing rod on my birthday and ate it along with a no-bake cheesecake complete with candles. Right there I decided that was much better than repeatedly losing basketball games, or even practice for that matter. In the last twenty-some-odd years since then I have turned my passion for the great outdoors into a profession, where I get to share my favorite places, explore and poke weird gooey things with sticks. I am well travelled and know a lot about the natural world but am useless when it comes to sports trivia.

KC Blair


My name is Kc Blair and I’m a wandering gypsy from the beautiful Green Mountains
of Vermont. I received a degree in Graphic Design and Outdoor Education. After
graduation, I started searching for the next big adventure and have been traveling ever since. I’ve rode the swells of Cali, skied in Alaska and kayaked down the rapids of Utah. I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list. Come find your adventure in Valdez!

Aidan Shaffland


Growing up in the concrete jungle of New York City, Aidan caught the Alaskan bug in 2009 when he had the opportunity to backpack in the Gates of the Arctic NP and canoe down the Noatak River. Since then he has gotten a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences and Outdoor Education from the University of Stirling in Scotland, his Wilderness EMT, whitewater and rock rescue certifications and is a Leave No Trace master educator. After 6 years of looking for a way back to Alaska, he has joined us for his first season at Anadyr.


Kyle Sobek


I grew up in Kansas, and moved to Colorado at 18. I fell in love with the mountains, but after spending a few years in Colorado I had heard rumors of Alaska and the almighty Chugach. I moved to Valdez and my mind was blown. After a few years of pursuing my dream of becoming a backcountry ski guide, I wanted to see what Valdez has to offer in the summer time. It turns out that I love Kayaking just as much as skiing, and am very grateful to be apart of the Anadyr crew this summer



Kira Despins


In an endless pursuit to find beautiful places to live, Kira has (finally) found the awe-inspiring town of Valdez and quickly fallen in love with its snow capped peaks, glaciel carved valley’s and abundant wildlife.  Having spent childhood summers canoeing and kayaking through Manitoba’s endless lakes, she is grateful for the lack of portages here in coastal Alaska and excited to share all that she has learned about this area with others.  On sunny days you may  see her running trails, bushwacking up mountains, or working on a small roof garden (lettuce is sprouting!). On rainy days you’ll find her trying to coax others to play waterpolo in the pool or working on art projects, such as her current attempt to make a cornhole game.

Jared Martin


I’ve lived on the tropical beaches of Maui, run through the Hudson river valley, climbed the Sierra Nevada and visited the temple in Jerusalem. But I have finally found the holy of holies here in Valdez. My journey began 3 and 27 years ago in Oakland CA. Through the public school and transit systems I learned to navigate harsh environments and find connections with people in unexpected places.  As my hair and beard have grown I’ve taken these skills from the concrete jungle into the wild places of North America.  I enjoy reading the landscapes for deep history and meaning. Here in Valdez I am lucky enough to be able to take fellow wandering souls out to the glaciers and bays of PWS to observe the awesome power of mother nature in her raw and pure form.

Dalton Snow


I grew up on the banks of the great lake of Okeechobee. Surrounded by swamps filled with hanging spanish moss, cypress knolls, and disguised alligators. Being in the water was second nature for me. Whether it was a lake, a pool, or the wild ocean it always felt like home. Later in life I moved out west towards the Pacific and discovered the mountains of California. I fell in love with the valleys, peaks, and rivers carved out of solid stone.  From that moment on I set out to explore every valley, and climb every peak I could. To see the world from the top of as many mountain ranges as I could. I had heard rumors of Valdez, the place where the mountains meet the sea, and had to come see for myself this paradise of adventure. Now I don’t want to be anywhere else.

Mark Jackson


Mark has never been to Milwaukee, he hasn’t tried poutine, and he’s never ridden a wildebeest across the Serengeti. He HAS conducted world-leading research on an intertidal sea cucumber in Costa Rica, single-handedly saved a drowning child from the Pacific Ocean, and after only three tries, received a visa to live in Kazakhstan. Ask him about these and other amazing adventures while he leads you around his 18th favorite place in the world – Prince William Sound!