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Alaska Camping and Kayaking Adventures

Pack your kayak with all the necessary camping and hiking equipment and paddle right out of Valdez Harbor or take our water taxi to start your Alaska camping adventure in the heart of Prince William Sound. After 3 to 5 hours of paddling each day, we set up camp, go for a hike in the rain forest, beach comb, fish or relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, always keeping a watchful eye for wildlife.

Anadyr Adventures provides a professional guide, all necessary kayaking and safety gear, group camping and cooking equipment for your Alaska camping trip. You have the choice of supplying your own food  or letting our guides prepare delicious meals for you. Even if you’ve had no experience but are in good enough shape to paddle 10 to 12 miles each day, one of these Alaska camping trips with Anadyr Adventures is just the Alaska adventure for you.

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Shoup Glacier 2 Day

An ideal destination for both kayaking and hiking, Shoup Glacier sits right at tidewater. On this overnight trip, expect to paddle out of town along the beautiful shorelines and make your way into the inner lagoon of Shoup Bay. Set up camp for the evening and enjoy a wonderful dinner with spectacular views. Explore the bay and glacier the following day; paddle past a Kittiwake rookery and beneath cascading waterfalls to the glacier’s toe. Hike along the glacier’s edge peering into ice formations created by meltwater streams. Learn about the evolution of glacial landscapes as you voyage around the inner lagoon to the glacier’s face. A great choice for getting up-close to the face of a glacier. End your trip with a relaxing boat ride back into town on the afternoon of day 2. Or in reverse order, depending on the tides!


Sawmill Bay to Valdez 3 Day

Surrounded by towering mountains, waterfalls and salmon streams, Sawmill Bay is well protected from wind and sea and is the ideal spot for the novice kayaker’s first day on the water. Kayaking, hiking, berry picking, salmon fishing and wildlife watching are just some of the activities possible in this uniquely beautiful bay. The next day paddle along the intricately convoluted shorelines of Valdez Narrows, passing countless waterfalls, eagles’ nests and sea caves. Camp in view of spectacular Shoup Glacier. The following day explore Shoup Glacier then paddle back to Valdez with a stop at Gold Creek for lunch.  Expect a strenuous 10-12 miles of paddling each day.

No kayaking experience is necessary.



Glacier Island to Columbia Bay 4 Day

This 4 day adventure combines two of our guide’s favorite day trips, Glacier Island and the Columbia Iceberg Tour in Columbia and Heather Bay. Glacier Island is a wilderness gem known for its incredible wildlife viewing. Horned and Tufted Puffins nest, in-season, along Glacier Island’s cliff faces and Stellar Sea Lions haul out along its shores. The surrounding water is a favorite area for Humpback Whales and Orca. Paddle the island’s dramatic shoreline, tucking into sea caves where starfish hide at low tide. Learn about Glacier Island’s volcanic origins and of the many species that call it home. Columbia and Heather Bay are zones of extreme contrast.  Explore land recently unveiled after centuries under ice adjacent to undisturbed forests where salmon seasonally run streams under moss covered branches.  Paddle the terminal moraine in search of icebergs grounded in the shallows. Listen to loons calling and sea otters crunching mussels.  Camp on secluded beaches, paddling pristine coastlines from start to finish. Enjoy a scenic boat ride there and back.



Glacier Island to Valdez 7 Day

The perfect trip for all wildlife enthusiasts! Begin your unforgettable trip in the waters off Glacier Island. See sea lion haul out areas, view puffins nesting on the cliffs and explore intricately carved glacial sea caves. Cross in front of Columbia Glacier and spend the day in Heather Bay hiking on the glacial moraine and ancient rain forests, kayaking among towering icebergs observing sea otters with pups, seals, eagles and frequently, bears on the uplands. Then continue your adventure back to Valdez, spending time in Valdez Arm, Sawmill Bay, Shoup Glacier and Gold Creek.



Meares Glacier to Columbia Glacier 8 day

If you’re looking for wilderness and spectacular mountain scenery, this tour is for you. Pioneered by Anadyr Adventures in 1999, you’ll see both advancing and retreating glaciers in the same week. After a drop-off by water taxi at the face of Meares Glacier, you can witness first hand the power and immensity of an advancing glacier. From Meares, paddle the length of beautiful Unakwik Inlet, the spectacular and remote Granite Bay, Long Bay and Columbia Bay.

End the trip in the majesty of Columbia Glacier, the largest and most rapidly receding in Prince William Sound.



Glacier Island to Columbia Face 5 Day

Our 4 day trip with an extra day to make it up the rapidly retreating face of Columbia Glacier. Columbia is among the most active glaciers on the planet and is set deep in a newly unveiled fjord. The ever changing ice floe dictates our route but our goal every day is the same; to get you to the continent’s 2nd largest calving face.  Weave your kayak through icebergs, spy harbor seals hauled atop, and witness calving events that only a glacier of this size can create.  Our naturalist guides relate the story of Columbia’s formation, retreat and role in our changing world. Enjoy a scenic boat ride there and back.


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Columbia Bay to Long Bay 6 Day

This trip explores the new fjord created by Columbia Glacier’s catastrophic retreat. Paddle alongside newly emerged shores that were under 300 feet of ice 25 years ago and explore the hanging face of the second largest tidewater glacier in North America. Paddle the rugged western shore of the fjord along an iceberg river and round the point into quiet Long Bay to see what a glacier fjord becomes after it has a few centuries to work on it.


Customized Tours

Get together with a group of friends or family for a sea kayaking and hiking adventure. Enjoy paddling together while we take care of the details! Contact us well in advance of your departure date and we will happy to work with you to develop a customized multi day camping trips or base camp style tour itinerary suited to your interests.