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9-Day Epic Camping Trip from Meares to Columbia Glaciers!

I’ll start out by saying that this was one of the most epic trips that I have ever been on, let alone was fortunate enough to guide! Thanks to two amazing paddlers, kindred spirits and expedition companions, Brandt and Antony! Epic, by definition, is heroic, majestic, impressively great, spectacular, awesome, of unusually great extent. I’d say that these are all accurate descriptors of this 9-day kayak expedition. Let me share some of the highlights with you. . .

Day 1: We started our journey about 40 miles west of Valdez, in beautiful sunshine, at Miners Bay, in Unakwik Inlet. We paddled a whopping 2 miles, hiked up a river to check out Miners Lake, and stopped for some kayak fishing.

Fishing in the sunshine

Fishing in the sunshine

A walk upriver to check out a beautiful lake

A walk upriver to check out a beautiful lake

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What to Do in Valdez-Trails to explore

Lush, scenic and well maintained trails provide ample opportunity to fill in the gaps between  tours during your Valdez visit.  Pack a lunch and make a day out of catching some of these trails and you will surely understand why we live in and explore this special little mountain town.  Whether adventuring by foot or bicycle, the office staff at Anadyr is happy to suggest appropriate trails for your group and time frame.  Stop by any day of the week!

An Easy 20 minutes. The trail head is located just at the end of Norht Harbor Drive, right in town!

Easy with a great view of the east end of Valdez Bay. The trail head is located just at the end of North Harbor Drive (just passing our shop) right in town!

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Columbia Glacier Day Trip 6/20/14

On a day with a forecast of “100% chance of rain” we enjoyed hours of paddling, a sun that peeked through a cloudy sky, stunning sights and sounds, and a great guided tour of Columbia Glacier. This trip is not to be missed during a Valdez visit!!

Our day started with a lovely scenic cruise through the magnificent Prince William Sound.  Aboard the Alcyon, I was able to snap a few shots of some pretty up close and personal Humpback whale watching by those on fellow Anadyr water taxi, the Bluff Watch.

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Spaces Available for Lodge-Based Kayak Trip

The Prince William Sound Lodge

The Prince William Sound Lodge

Good news! We have spaces available for our lodge-based sea kayaking trips in beautiful Prince William Sound! As a 3rd-year kayak guide for Anadyr, I’ve had the opportunity to guide quite a few lodge trips, so speaking candidly, these trips are awesome! They truly do provide a unique Alaskan experience!

Accommodations at the PWS Lodge

Accommodations at the PWS Lodge

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What to do in Valdez

This small town offers big adventure year round, and by land or sea Valdez boasts unparalleled access to Alaska’s most spectacular landscapes, wildlife and outdoor activities. Nestled between the impressive Chugach Mountains and the stunning Prince William Sound, Valdez accommodates any type of traveller from the waterman to the explorer to the casual sightseer.  This special place should retain a spot on everyone’s Alaskan itinterary, and we will continue to supply you with the many exciting reasons why.

Bike & Hike to Solomon Gulch

This week I took the bike path heading out of town and headed to Solomon Gulch, located just across the port of Valdez. About 22 miles round trip and full of perfect photo ops, this is an ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon outdoors.

Valdez Glacier Stream

Valdez Glacier Stream


The only time Anadyr guide Ilene Price is serious is when she’s on a bicycle

Our first stop was at the fish hatchery where 230 million Pink Salmon eggs and 2 million Coho salmon eggs are incubated annually.  Its not difficult to imagine that from July through September this is a great spot to catch a view of otters, eagles, gulls and bears who come here to feast.


Solomon Gulch



Nesting Kittiwakes


View of Valdez from across the bay at very low tide

After snapping a few photos and checking out the city of Valdez from afar, we headed up the road to hike the John Hunter Memorial Trail.  This is a piece-of-cake, lush 3.8 miles of gravel trail out and back.  Small bridges brought us over flowing streams that looked and sounded serene.  A few simple climbs brought us to beautiful views of the Chugach range.  Arriving at the reservoir was impressive, with various shades of blue and green melding into eachother where the sky, mountains, and water met.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   10457721_10154188966400167_7196383566256852971_o   10440916_10154247793610057_5535659449385281843_n   10469157_10154188968375167_8703473438615706919_o   10345778_10154247673750057_8302473067629356534_n   1512828_10154247795680057_2510289613022194821_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   10428124_10154188967940167_7276458207134129517_o10407198_10154247674855057_5966537793284793898_n

The ride back into town brought us directly to the dinner table!  A hot sake toast was the perfect end to an epic 6 hour excursion.

We rent great all terrain bikes (Giant & Trek!) at Anadyr.   Grab your packs and lunch and head across the bay for an afternoon of adventure and sightseeing while you’re here in Valdez.

Sara, Anadyr Adventures Office Staff