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Hélène and Bruno enjoy a sunny moment at the face of Columbia Glacier
This Steller Sea Lion shows us who’se boss of these waters, Glacier Island
Whoa, holy rainbow! Heather Bay

*This trip itinerary can be found here and is called Glacier Island 5-Day*

I love traveling. It runs in my family. I love seeing how other people live their lives. I love hearing about other people’s passions and what they find to be beautiful and inspiring in the world. I love hearing what makes others crack up laughing (and delighting that we are all quite similar in this department). I love catching glimpses of people living in different weather conditions, speaking different languages, eating different foods, and dancing to different music.

On this trip I loved hearing about Hélène and Bruno’s perspectives on all of the different cultures and places that they have visited.

This Strawberry, Arugula, Walnut Salad dwarfs the face of Columbia Glacier

For Hélène and Bruno (from France!) our five-day kayak camping trip together was a mini journey within a much larger journey; a journey of a greater scope that has taken them around the world (and not for the first time). Check out their blog (it’s in French) with beautiful photography and trip descriptions (and one day a blog in their own words about our trip). While I am inspired to learn about their year-long around-the-globe trips, what is most inspiring from Hélène and Bruno is the amount of time that they choose to spend in each place, be it country or state.

Hélène and Bruno discover a waterfall, Heather Bay
Steller Sea Lion surprise! Glacier Island
Moments of bliss after a hike, Glacier Island

They rarely touch down for brief visits of a week or two. Much of their journey includes stays of a few months to explore, discover, and experience a place on a deeper level. One of these levels that I am grateful to have shared with them for 5 days is the beauty and wildness of a place. Alaska provides wonders for many visitors who are seeking a deeper (or different kind of) connection with their natural surroundings. Prince William Sound is where I feel this the most. It was a pure joy to see Hélène and Bruno be inspired by the majestic and impressive land- and seascapes, which grabbed hold of all of our attention. I often caught them gazing at the mountains across the sea with a look of awe on their faces. (Most people get this look.)

I’m looking pretty happy at the face of Columbia Glacier
Paddling by the Steller Sea Lion Haul-Out, Glacier Island
Woke up to sunshine! Glacier Island
Serenity in Growler Bay, Glacier Island
Looking North, Glacier Island
Mesmerized by ice, Columbia Bay
Ochre Sea Stars at low tide, Glacier Island
Blueberry Pancake Morning! Glacier Island
Beautiful evening for a campfire, Glacier Island
Paddle into sea caves on Glacier Island

I hope that you have been inspired by the travels of Hélène and Bruno, as well as the spectacular Alaskan scenery. Keep traveling, whatever it is that grabs your attention and piques your senses. Share it with the world.

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Post-trip bliss, Valdez